Hi! My name is Nils and I love storytelling through sound. I am always listening around for inspiring sounds to record and edit. Invoking emotions and creating new worlds in my projects is my passion.

Professionally, I am specialising in Sound Design for Linear Media. I have started working as a boom operator in 2015 in my home country Germany. In 2017, I then expanded into post-production, excited to explore the creative side of film sound. I recently graduated from my BSc (Hons) Sound Design at Edinburgh Napier University with a First Class and moved back to Berlin, Germany.

I believe in the bigger picture. In order to construct an excelling movie experience, I find it essential to begin the creative sound process as early as possible, when the script writing is still in progress. I am looking for imaginative ways to support someone’s vision and work in a collaborative environment.

Feel free to get in touch with me at info@nilsgradlowsky.com

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